Upcoming Appearances

Upcoming Appearances
Each year I do a few personal appearances. I generally do a couple of book signings and a number of pumpkin carving shows. I also try to get on TV as much as possible because that is the most exciting thing about being a famous pumpkin carver.

Schedule permitting, I do some carving shows. This year, 2012, I'll be carving pumpkins at every night of the Detroit Zoo's "Zoo Boo!" Zoo Boo is a trick or treating thing that is held throughout the zoo. 10,000 people per night come through and I've got a choice spot up on the stage. The Zoo Boo! folks treat me right, I've got a PA with spooky background music, lights, and lots of room to make a mess. I'm very happy to be a part of it for the nine weekend nights leading up to Halloween.

I will also be on TV. You can see me on The Travel Channel, The History Channel (Modern Marvels), I am also scheduled to be on the Today Show and on Conan. I am still talking with other shows as well. I will let you know when my schedule solidifies.

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