The Covid Cloud Pumpkin

The Covid Cloud Pumpkin
This is my Covid Cloud Pumpkin. I love a pumpkin design that is easy to carve but tickles one of our fears. I think the only people who aren't afraid of Covid-19 are people that both: don't know anyone that has died from it and they are bad at math.

A good pumpkin design has no trouble reminding us of something we dislike. That's why the Covid Cloud is my favorite new pumpkin carving design of 2021.

The cloud is made from pillow fill and the covid molecules are mini pom poms. You could use nerds or red candies instead if you like. The cloud is held up by two shish-kebab skewers that I stabbed into the pumpkin.

It is a simple pumpkin to make. Carve the face, stab the skewers into the pumpkin's flesh, and place the cloud outside of the mouth.
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