Cutting Tool Comparison

Cutting Tool Comparison
Let's look at how girls scouts are carving pumpkins. They use a tool like the one on the left. I suppose this helps the girls scout leader keep the kids under control because they will tire easily.

Me, I use the tool on the right. A real man's jigsaw. I set it to orbit as little as possible and keep the speed slow. Honestly, I could carve twenty pumpkins in the time it takes to do one with that silly thing.

We won't even talk about the sawzall I used to decaptitate the pumpkin. The little tool from a pumpkin carving kit won't get the job done. It isn't long enough to cut through a pumpkin near the pumpkin stem.

Here are some links to pumpkin carving tools that I like to use. I tried to spend some time to find you guys great deals. I'm a nice guy like that.

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