Fat Suit

Fat Suit
People are always suggesting that fat persons have some form of food hidden between their rolls of flesh.

I thought it would be fun to give out halloween candy using this method.

One year I dressed as a fat person for a halloween party. The idea started when I found a pair of size 58 pants and a size 6X shirt. I filled the clothes with foam and held the pants and shirt together with suspenders. It was a neat costume. I was quite proud of it.

When I arrived at the party, one person asked what I was. I said "I'm a fat person". They replied that I was an insensitive jerk. The funny part is, that before that moment, I hadn't even thought about the sensitivity of the whole situation. So later, I gave it some thought. My conclusion is that my fat suit was not as offensive as wearing blackface, but is at least as offensive as dressing like an old person. Oh well, those giant pants were very cool.
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