George W. Bush Pumpkin Pattern

George W. Bush Pumpkin Pattern
Here is my G.W. Bush pattern.

George bush has a wide shaped head, especially when you want to put his ears in place. His thinning hair also exagerated the need for a wider pumpkin.

The two pumpkins should look fairly funny next to one another, Kerry with his long mug and bush with his wide aspect ratio ears.

Here are the steps involved in making Gee-Dub.

I started with this photo.
I like the goofy expression on his face.
Next Step.
I cropped and washed out his face.
This pattern would not work.
The first pattern turned out to be too detailed to carve when I saved it as a three color .gif.
Shrinking The File Removed Detail.
Shrinking the file size removed much of the detail in the pattern. Then I just enlarged it again and had the pattern I wanted.
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