Giant Pumpkin Carving

Giant Pumpkin Carving
My good friend Robert brought over the largest pumpkin I have ever lifted. In fact, I only was able to lift 1/2 of it. Robert and I had to carry it the length of the driveway. By the time we reached the garage, I think Robert was wondering if we could get a 2 for 1 special at the Hernia doctor's office. It was really, really heavy.

Here is a tip: You lift and carry a very large pumpkin by rolling it onto a towel and then lifting the corners of the towel. Another tip, small kids are fascinated by large pumpkins. We could have landed a spaceship in the front yard and none of them would have left the site of this pumpkin. So if you want to be the coolest Dad in the neighborhood do what Robert did. Get the biggest pumpkin you can find.

To carve this pumpkin we used a sawzall with a 10 inch blade.

Thanks for watching. I used the video equipment for this video at work. Sometimes, we shoot little video clips about our business. Here is the one from It is embarrassingly not as romantic sounding as we had hoped.

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