Go Accounting! You Rock!

Go Accounting!  You Rock!
Before I was in the Internet business I used to work at a large company. All of the stereotypes about the finance and accounting departments were amazingly true-to-life in my experience. It wasn't that I pre-judge the folks from accounting I merely judged them. I gave them time and drew my own conclusion.

Yup, the accounting people were nice enough but they lacked creativity. This pumpkin is a good sample. The design is stolen but the execution is great.

I will relate a little story. I am not a huge drinker but I always like the way that businessmen in old movies would open a desk drawer and produce a bottle of whiskey. The bourbon was always ready in case someone's wife died, their dog left them, or vice-versa.

When I left the corporate world to run my own company I bought a bottle of bourbon and keep it in my file cabinet. I have owned that damn bottle for seven years and have only drank from it twice. Life definitely isn't like the movies.
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