2018 Pumpkin Contest Winners
10 Designs That Will Now Never Be Published
10 Facts About The Church of Satan
10 Scary Things About Kids
10 Things You Can't Show a Baby Pumpkin Doing
2004 Presidential Race
2012 Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners
2013 Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners
2014 Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners
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3 Bags of candy corn later...
33 Pumpkins
A You Tube Video About Extreme Pumpkins
A 100 lb. Pumpkin Is Large Enough To Eat A Man
A Baby and A Giant Demon Pumpkin
A Black Widow Pumpkin
A Bull Pumpkin - Uses Turnips
A Bunch of Scary Dudes
A Carving Story
A Cool Ghoul - Is He In School
A Cool Skull Design
A Crooked Hilary Pumpkin
A Day in Pompeii - Carved Into A Pumpkin
A Dinosaur Egg Made From A Hubbard Squash
A Doll Eater Pumpkin
A Flame Job
A Flaming Pumpkin Face for 2012
A Fraudulent Pumpkin
A Gourd Snake
A Great Batman Pumpkin
A Great Conjoined Pumpkin Carving
A Great Pumpkin Carving
A Great Pumpkin Grin
A Great Pumpkin Skeleton
A Metal Buoy Pumpkin
A Monster With Four Candy Eyes
A Nice Dracula Pumpkin
A Pack Of Spider Pumpkins
A Pumpkin Carving With Pig's Ears and Parsnips
A Pumpkin Guy Eating A Pumpkin Burger
A Pumpkin In A Pumpkin Jail
A Pumpkin Puking Guacamole
A Pumpkin That Eats Spiders
A Real Conjoined Pumpkin
A Really Bad Ear Infection
A Really Good Skull Pumpkin
A Really Gourd Pumpkin
A Really Nice Photo of A Death Star Pumpkin
A Viking Pumpkin Sculpture
A Well Done Pumpkin
A Well Shaded Gentleman
A You Tube Video Slideshow of Pictures from the Book
About This Site
Accessory to Kidnapping Pumpkin
Age Group Arrows
Agressive Surgery Pumpkin
Ammon and Ryan Bundy Pumpkins
An Easier Pumpkin Skeleton
An Entire Book In Two Pages
An Ugly Giant Pumpkin
Angler Fish Pumpkin
Angry Orc Pumpkin
Another Jacko Lantern
Another Killer Clown Pumpkin for 2012
Apollo Pumpkins on the Moon
Ariel or Rollerskating Woman? You Decide
Armored Pumpkin
Attaching the Stencil to the Pumpkin
Awesome Pumpkin Display
Axe to The Head Pumpkin
Axe to the head pumpkin
Baby-Eating Pumpkin
Backstreet Boys Pumpkin
Bake Your Own Body Parts
Balinese Carved Pumpkin
Barb Is Cutting the Black Areas
Barbie Eater
Batty Pumpkin
Bear Trap Candy Holder
Because You Have Teeth
Beer Cooler Concept
Big and Bad Pumpkins
Big Fans of the Site
Black and Spkey
Black Fangs Make This Pumpkin Look Cool.
Blood Spilling Pumpkin Carving Concept
Bloody Brains Pumpkin
Bloody Eyeball Pumpkin With Teeth
Bloody Mouthed Pumpkin
Brains - Pumpkin Idea
Brains Expanded
Brains Pumpkin #2
Brick To The Head Pumpkin
Burnt Out
Bush Pumpkin Has White Powdery Substance Growing On it.
Bush's Brain Rot - from behind.
Buying Pumpkins
Buying Ugly Pumpkins
Camera Phone Alert
Candy Corn Cobweb Pumpkin
Candy Guarding Guillotine
Candy Maze - Life Isn't Fair Kiddo
Candy Trap - Camoflage
Candy Trap - Hershey Bar
Candy Tunnel
Candy Under Glass
Cannibal Pumpkin
Caramel Pumpkins
Carrie - With Pumping Blood
Carrie photo two
Carrie Pumpkin with Pumping Blood
Carved Brains
Carved Up Presidential Pumpkins
Carving - Cutting Away Areas
Carving - Removing The Skin
Carving Durians
Carving with a .22 Rifle
Cat Portrait Pumpkin
Cauliflower For Brains
Cecil The Lion Pumpkin
Celtic Dragon Pumpkin
Charcoal Lighter Fluid Works Great For Photos
Cheshire Cat Pumpkin Carving
Christmas Lights for Hair Pumpkin
Chucky Pumpkin
Cleaning Pumpkins
Close up of the mold
Cojoined Pumpkins
Cojoined Twins Pumpkins
Cold Beer Pumpkin
Cold Beer Pumpkin by Greg
Color Coding Areas
Covid Beauty Queen Pumpkins
Cracks in the Face Technique
Crazy Carb - That's Why I'm on a Low Carb Diet
Crazy Eyes Pumpkin
Creating Blood
Creepiest Clown Part Two
Creepy Eyes, Great Fangs Pumpkin
Creepy Skull Pumpkin
Creepy Video Pumpkin
Creepy, Rotten Clown Face
Cute Flower Pumpkin
Cutting Out the Pattern Using A Jig Saw
Cutting the can.
Cutting Tool Comparison
Daddy's Little Pumpkin
Dale, Dale, and Dale Again
Dance of the Flaming Pumpkins
Danny Devito Pumpkin Carving
Danny Kissel Might Be The Best Pumpkin Carver of ALL TIME!
Darth Vader Helmet
Darth Vader Helmet Pumpkin #2
Day 14 - The Results are In - Bush Will Win!
Day 15 - Press Coverage of the Race
Day Five - An Ear Infection
Day Nine - Bush Is Rotting Best
Day Nine - Kerry Starts Getting Moldy
Day Two - Nader Joins The Race
Day Two Part II - Bush Gets and Earful of Squirrel
Death Jester - Lit Up
Death Jester Pumpkin
Decapitating The Pumpkin
Dee Dee Was Always A P.I.T.A.
Dental Hygienist
Detroit Science Center
Devil Horns Pumpkin
Devil Pumpkin - With Pepper Tongue
Dia De Los Muertos
Diarrhea Concept
Dirty Bomb
Dirty Dolls Pumpkin
Don't Show Up To My Party Without A Costume
Down's Syndrome Sketch
Dragon Torching Knight Pumpkin
Droid Pumpkin
Droopy, Dried-Up Skull Pumpkin
Drowning In A Bag
Drowning In A Bag - Creepy
Drowning Pumpkin
Drunk Pumpkin Concept
Dungeons and Dragons
Durl the Zombie Hunter Guy
Dwight Pumpkin
Easy - Make A Mummy Pumpkin With Toilet Paper
Eaten By Squashes
Egon (from Ghost Busters) Pumpkin
Electrocution Pumpkin
Elephant Pumpkin
Emerging Pumpkin
Entry from an 83 Year Old
Envy Concept
Ernest Hemingway Pumpkin
Escaping The Pumpkin
Escaping Zombie Pumpkin
Eskimo Kids and Their Snow Pumpkin
ET Pumpkin
ET Pumpkin - 2 Photos
ET Pumpkin - Photo 2
Evil Clown Pumpkin
Evil Doll Pumpkin
Exit Wound Photo
Exit Wound Pumpkin Pattern
Explosion at the GITD Paint Factory
Extreme Halloween - My Latest Book
Face-Off Pumpkin
Falling Off The Ladder Pumpkin
Fat Suit
Fifth Step
Final Consistency
Finely Carved Owl Pumpkin
Fire Breathing Pumpkin
Fire Starter Sticks - Lame
Fireworks in a Pumpkin
First Step:
Fishing For Kids
Flame Job Pumpkin on our porch.
Flame Job Pumpkin Photo #2
Flame top - Step 1 - I learned a lesson.
Flame Top - Finished and Lit
Flaming Head
Flaming Sick Guy
Flat Black - Evil Pumpkin Pattern
Flat Black Pumpkin
Flossing Is More Extreme Than You Previously Thought
Flowing Blood
Foot Eating, Golfball Jointed Spider Pumpkin
Football Game Pumpkins
Four Legged Pervert Pumpkin
Fourth Step
Frankenstein Pumpkin
Frankenstein's Monster
Frankenstein's Monster Pumpkin
Free Pumpkin Patterns
Free Pumpkin Patterns
Freedom of Speech Pumpkin
Fresh out of the microwave.
Frozen In Time Pumpkin
Fruit Carvings
Funhouse Jets of Air
Gene Simmons - Tongue Stem Pumpkin
Gene Simmons Pumpkin 2011
Gene Simmons Pumpkin with Ham Tongue
Gene Simmons With Taffy Tongue
George W. Bush Pumpkin Pattern
Giant Carnivorous Pumpking
Giant Clam Pumpkin
Giant Monster Head
Giant Pumpkin Carving
Giant Squid Pumpkin
Giant Tiki Pumpkin
Girly Knives Are Just Not Cool
Gluttony Concept
Gnome Pumpkin
Go Accounting! You Rock!
Go Go Gourdzilla!
Godzilla Lighting The Town On Fire
Golf Ball In The Eye
Google Eyes and Exposed Brains
GrandMa and Grandpa
Grass For Hair
Green Fangs
Green Glowing Seed Teeth Pumpkin
Gruesomely Cool Pumpkin
Grumpy Old Pumpkins
Gummy Worms Pumpkin
Gun Side
GunPowder Pumpkin
Gunshot to the Head
Gunshot to the head concept
Gunshot wound final - Gun Side
Gunshot wound final. Exit Side.
Gunshot Wound Photo
Guy Fieri Pumpkin
Half Skull Eyeball Pumpkin
Hammer Head Pumpkin
Hannibal Pumpkin Concept
He-Man Pumpkin
Head Hunter Pumpkins
Head On Fire Concept
Head On Fire Pattern
Head to Head Pumpkins
Headphones Pumpkin
Heir-Head Pumpkin
Here I am transferring the pattern
Here is a metallica birthday cake for you.
Here is a photo of my favorite shirt from high school.
Here is Lisa cutting the flat black pumpkin
Here is my example
Here is the bare carving for the electrocution pumpkin.
Here is the original concept sketch.
Here they are trying to get the truth.
Hiding In The Trash Can
Hockey Mask Pumpkin
Hooked Fish
Hooked Fish Pumpkin
Horned Pumpkin
How I made it step two.
How I made it.
How Pumpkin Pies Are Made
How To Carve Pumpkins
How To Carve Pumpkins Using Power Tools
How To Carve Someone's Face On A Pumpkin
How To Give Your Pumpkin Hands
How To Help Me
How To Make Fake Blood
Human Trap
Hunchback Pumpkin
Hungry Crab Pumpkin
I am routing the red part first
I Don't Like These Cinderella Pumpkin Things
I Like The Eyes and Teeth On This Pumpkin
I Love These Flame Eye Cutouts
I Never Choose Logo Pumpkins But This One Was Great
I started with this photo.
I Think This Is A Hipster Pumpkin
I Want A TV Show
I was on the news
I Wrote A Second Book
I Wrote Some Books
I'm Melting Pumpkin
Inside-Out Pumpkin
Installing The Blood Pump
International Entry - Germany
Iron Man Pumpkin Sculpture
Is This A Trash Can Pumpkin?
Is This An Orc? The Shading and Perspective Are Amazing!
Is This Pumpkin Rush Limbaugh?
Isn't Spongebob Square?
Jack Skellington
Japanese Junior High School
Jason Mask Pumpkin
Jello For Brains Pumpkin
Jill (married)
John Kerry Pumpkin Pattern
Johny Cash Pumpkin
Jovial Jason Pumpkin
Jumping Beans in the Brains
Keep Jumping Kiddo
Kerry Has A Liberal Wealth of Fuzzy Mold
Kerry's Back - Just Ugly
Kicked in the Face
Killer Pumpkin Pie
Killer Spider Pumpkin
KISS - 4 White Pumpkins
Knife to the Head
Knobbly, Sick, Ultra Close-Up Pumpkin
Lathe-Turned Pumpkins
Lawnmower Pumpkin
Leftovers From My Books
Light Saber Battle Pumpkin
Lighter Fluid Test
Lisa (married)
Lisa and Al argued over who was going to scoop it out.
Logo Pumpkin - Modern Marvels
Logo Pumpkin - Quirk Packaging
Logo Pumpkin - Sharp Entertainment
Lots of Vegetable Ideas
Lust Pumpkin Concept
Maggots - Pumpkin Concept
Map of the USA
Marge and Maggie Simpson
Mario Pumpkin - Cheater!
Masked Knobbly Pumpkin
Matt does something almost dumb
Matt Starts The Rotting Process
Matt with the Traffic Pumpkin
Me on Discovery Channel Canada
Me with the finished can.
Me with the newsguys
Meatloaf's Backup Singers
Metallica Pumpkin
Michael Jackson - Truly Frightening
Michael Jackson Pumpkin from Fark
Michael Jackson Thriller Pumpkin
Michael Myers Pumpkin
Missing An Eye
Mixing The Blood and Pumpkin Guts
Mmmm Brains
Moldy Pumpkin Skull
Moldy Skull Carving
Moldy Skull Pumpkin
Mooning Pumpkin
More Flames Are Better
More Videos
Mr. T Pumpkin
Mullet Concept
Mullet Pumpkin Concept
Multi-Face Giant Pumpkin
Mutant Yard Frankensteins
My 15 miliseconds of fame
My Design Strategy
My Favorite Baseball Joke Was Not Included In My Second Book
My favorite from the Sandemon
My favorite photo yet - Lo Res. Version
My Favorite Pumpkin Lighting Technique - Kerosene Soaked Toilet Paper
My Favorite Pumpkin Submission Ever!
My First Subliminal Pumpkin Was A Little Too Scary
My latest cannibal pumpkin
My Pumpkin Carving Photos
My Tool Holder Pumpkin
Nader Drops Off The Table
Nailed, Shut Up, & Cleaver
Naked Lady Mudflap Special
Nate Is Attacked by the Pumpkins
Nate's Bloody Demise
New - Martha Stewart
Next Step.
Nice Mohawk Pumpkin
No Lifeguard on Duty
No Prize for This One
Obscure Celebrity Pumpkin 2021 - Shah Rukh Khan
Occupy Halloween Is This Year's Timely Theme
Octopus Grip Pumpkin
Octopus Pumpkin
Oh No! Not That! Anything But That!
Old Age Concept
Old and Constipated
Old and Crusty Siamese Twins Pumpkin
Old Stuff
Olive Eyed Clown
Olympia Beer Pumpkin
One Pumpkin Eating Another Pumpkin
One Way to Have The Neighbors Call The Cops
Order My Book Extreme Halloween Directly From Me
Osama Bin Lantern
Other Techniques
Painting a Pumpkin
Past Appearances - In Case You Missed Me on TV
Peeled Skin
Pennywise Pumpkin
People Who Have Never Seen A Pumpkin Before
Peter Pumpkin Eater Pumpkin
Photo Rights for The Puking Pumpkin and Other Photos
Phrenology - Too Weird for the Book
Pimple Faced Booger Eater
Pimple Faced Booger Eater Photo 2
Pirate Pumpkin
Pirate Pumpkin
Play the Dollar Store Game Like Us
Please Adopt A Dog Pumpkin
Please Stop Looking At Me
Poked In The Forehead
Poop Emoji Pumpkin
Predator Pumpkin
Pregnant Belly Pumpkin
Press Contact & Booking Information
Puking Pumpkin Version 832
Pumkin Fire Brigade
Pump Technology
Pumpkin / Mask Hybrid
Pumpkin Autopsy
Pumpkin Belly
Pumpkin Carver for Hire - How To Hire Me for Your Event
Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners 2015
Pumpkin Carving Sequence
Pumpkin Carving Winners 2004
Pumpkin Carving Winners 2005
Pumpkin Carving Winners 2006
Pumpkin Carving Winners 2007
Pumpkin Carving Winners 2008
Pumpkin Carving Winners 2009
Pumpkin Carving Winners 2010
Pumpkin Carving Winners 2011
Pumpkin Giving Birth
Pumpkin Head Shot
Pumpkin In Jail
Pumpkin Jig Picture #2
Pumpkin Man
Pumpkin Preservation
Pumpkin Pyrotechnics
Pumpkin Seed Teeth
Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin Station 3000
Pumpkin Teeth and Eyeballs
Pumpkin With Nails in It - Lots of Nails
Pumpkins Eat Dolls You Know
Pumpkins On Sharp Sticks
PumpkinStein Sculpture
Pyromaniac Pumpkin
Radioactive Pumpkin - Take 2
Radioactive pumpkin Photo 2
Removing the Seeds and Pulp
Revised Puking Pumpkin
Rising Zombie Pumpkin
Road Flares Really Light Up A Pumpkin
Road Kill Pumpkin
Rock Star Pumpkin
Rotten Skull Pumpkin
Rotting Skull Face
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pumpkin
Salvador Dali Pumpkin
Scarecrow Pumpkin
Scary Bear Pumpkin
Scoop The Goop
Scrooge McDuck Pumpkin
Second Step
Securing Your Pumpkin For Carving
Self Decaptitating Pumpkin
Sewn Shut Pumpkin Concept
Sewn Up Mouth Hubbard Squash Carving
Sharped-Tongued Pumpkin
Shrinking The File Removed Detail.
Siamese Twins in a Crib
Silly Ghoul Pumpkin
Simplified Carrie Pumpkin
Sixth Step
Skeleton Bees Pumpkin
Skeleton Love Pumpkin
Skuba Diver
Skull and Crossbones
Skull and Flames
Skull Pumpkin
Slayer - That's right SLAYER!
Slimer (from Ghostbusters) Pumpkin
Smoking On Oxygen
Snack Time
Snake Pumpkin
Snot Sneezing Pumpkin
Sod Mohawk
Some Carving Ready To Be Installed at GMA
Someone Gets It
Sparky The Electric Chair Pumpkin
Spider Sketch
Spidermouth Pumpkin
Spikey Pirate Pumpkin
Spitting-Up Baby
Split Face Pumpkin
Spooky Black Pumpkin
Squash and Pumpkin Tasting
Squash On A Spit
Squash Suicide
Stem Nose Pumpkin
Step 1 - Start With A Good Photo
Step 2 - Work It Over In Photoshop
Step 3 - Transfer The Image
Step 4 - Carve Away the Skin And Flesh
Step 5 - Light It Up and Make Adjustments
Sterno Don't Burn-O
Stick Em Up Pumpkins
Stoned Pumpkin
Strange Design Using Doll Parts
Sugar Skull Pumpkin
Sunday Afternoon On The Island of La Grande Jatte Pumpkin
Surprised Zombie Pumpkin
Swimming With The Fishes
Take a second look
Take A Tour of My Company - Click Here
Taxidermy Tongue and Wooden Tooth
Terminator Pumpkin
Territorial Pumpkin
Thanos Pumpkin
That Attitude might work better.
The "Take One" Pumpkin
The 2010 FrankenPumpkin
The 70's Soft Rock Pumpkin
The 8 Eyed Spider Pumpkin
The ABC sports pumpkin on TV
The Abstract-O-Lantern
The Alien Made from Squash
The Alien Pumpkin
The Alien-Chested Ninja Pumpkin
The Aliens Pumpkin
The Angel / Devil Pumpkin
The Angler Pumpkin
The Angry Guy Pumpkin Sculpture
The Angry Kid Pumpkin
The Angry Tiki God
The Apple Pumpkin
The Autopsy Pumpkin
The Baby Eating Pumpkin
The Baby Eating Pumpkin
The Baby Parts Pumpkin
The Battle of Waterloo Pumpkins
The Beer Cooler Pumpkin
The Best Minion Pumpkin of The Year 2014
The Best Skull Pumpkin of 2010
The Bikini Pumpkin
The Bill Murray Pumpkin
The Bird Flu
The Blender Tending Property Defender Pumpkin
The Blood Reservoir
The Blood Tube
The Bloody Stabbed Pumpkin
The Botox Pumpkin
The Brain Eating Child Pumpkin
The Brain Surgery Pumpkin Scene
The Brains Pumpkin - As Poured
The British Dragon Pumpkin
The Buggy Eyed Pumpkin
The Bulldog Pumpkin
The Bulldog Pumpkin
The Burger and Fries Pumpkin
The Burger Pumpkin
The Buried Alive Pumpkin Scene
The Candy Corn Witch Pumpkin
The Carrie Pumpkin - Crying Prom Queen
The Centipede Face Pumpkin
The Chainsaw Pumpkin Guy
The Childbirth Pumpkin - With Stick Limbs
The Cigar Chomping Pumpkin
The Clown In The Van
The Cookie Monster Pumpkin
The Coolio Pumpkin
The Coppertone Pumpkin
The Covid Cloud Pumpkin
The Crazy Clown Pumpkin
The Creepiest Clown of 2014
The Creepiest Clown Pumpkin
The Creepy Smile Pumpkin
The Creepy Tongue Pumpkin
The Cruel Bus School Bus Pumpkin
The Cubby Pumpkin
The Day of the Dead Pumpkin
The Dexter Pumpkin Scene
The Dirty Dancing Pumpkin
The Distended Eyeball Pumpkin
The Doc Brown & Marty McFly Pumpkin
The Doctor Moreau Pumpkin Scene
The Doctor Visit Pumpkin
The Dollar Store Pumpkin - But Why The Miss-Spelling?
The Don Martin of Mad Magazine Pumpkin
The Donald Trumpkin
The Drunk Pumpkin
The Dude - From Big Lebowski - Pumpkin
The Ear Surgery Pumpkin
The Elephant Pumpkin
The Emerging Creep Pumpkin
The Evil Clown Pumpkin
The Exposed Brain Pumpkin
The Extreme Pumpkin Carving Contest
The Face In The Pumpkin
The Fantasy Scene Pumpkin
The Fetus Pumpkin
The Final Carrie Pumpkin
The Finished Flame Job Pumpkin
The Fire Breathing Dragon Pumpkin
The Fireman On A Ladder Pumpkin
The Firing Squad Pumpkin
The Flamable Afro Pumpkin
The Flaming Face Pumpkin
The Flaming Jack Skellington Pumpkin
The Flaming Yard Defender
The Flaming, Pumpkin-Headed, Corn Monster
The flares last 15 minutes
The Flash-O-Lantern
The Flat Black Pumpkin Looked Evil
The Flayed Pumpkin
The Foot Eater Pumpkin
The Fork You Pumpkin
The Gangsta Pumpkin
The Ghost Rider Pumpkin - Two Views
The Giant Scorpion Pumpkin
The Gimp Pumpkin
The Giving Birth Pumpkin - Carrot Edition
The Glowing Spider Pumpkin
The Gorilla Suit
The Gourd Downie
The Grave Digger and Victim Pumpkin Scene
The Great Pumpkin Preservation Study - How To Preserve A Pumpkin Properly
The Green Frankenstein Pumpkin
The Grumpy Pumpkin
The Guano Lantern
The Gutsy Slasher Pumpkin
The Hand Through The Head Pumpkin
The Hanging, Hatchet Pumpkin
The Hannibal Pumpkin
The Hatching Pumpkin
The Head on Fire Pumpkin - Remake of a Classic
The Head Shot Exit Wound Pumpkin
The Hello Kitty Pumpkin - Truly Frightening
The Hellraiser Pumpkin circa 2011
The Hermit Crab Pumpkin
The Hillary Clinton Pumpkin
The Hit and Run Pumpkin Scene
The Hospital Gown Pumpkin
The Hulk Pumpkin
The Hungry Pumpkin
The Joker Pumpkin
The Kid Grabber Pumpkin
The Kiss Army
The Leg Eater Pumpkin
The Lighthouse Pumpkin
The Lionel Richie Pumpkin - Awesome
The Loose Lips Pumpkin
The Love Letter Derby
The Love Rap to Teon - Awesome
The Meat Corpse
The Meat Head Platter
The Michigan Pumpkin on TV
The Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Pumpkin
The Moldy Beard Pumpkin
The Moldy Spiders Pumpkin
The Mona Lisa Pumpkin
The Mooning Pumpkin
The Mouse House Pumpkin
The MRI Pumpkin
The Mullet Pumpkin
The Mummy Pumpkin - Made From Pumpkin Peels
The Mummy-Mirage Pumpkin
The Mumpkin
The Mustache Dude Pumpkin
The Mutant Fish Pumpkin
The Nerd O Lantern
The Ninja Pumpkin
The Nose Picker Pumpkin
The Octopus Pumpkin
The Old Man Pumpkin
The Omnivore Pumpkin
The P-Section Pumpkin
The Pac Man Pumpkin
The Peace Pumpkin
The Peanut Allergy Pumpkin
The Peeled Skin Pumpkin
The Piano Man Pumpkin
The Pickled Punk Pumpkin
The Pikachu Pumpkin
The Pimp Pumpkin - A Pimpkin?
The Pirate Ship Pumpkin
The Playing With TNT Pumpkin
The Plumber Pumpkin
The Pop Culture Reference Pumpkin
The Power Tool Carving Crew
The Professor Snape / Crying Indian Pumpkin
The Puffer Fish Pumpkin
The Puking Pumpkin
The Pumpkin Autopsy
The Pumpkin Bumpkin Had Twins
The Pumpkin Bumpkin's Best
The Pumpkin Centipede
The Pumpkin Dragon
The Pumpkin Eaters
The Pumpkin Full of Pennies
The Pumpkin Guillotine
The Pumpkin Lizard Skeleton
The Pumpkin Mask
The Pumpkin Millipede
The Pumpkin Pie Maker
The Pumpkin Prisoner
The Pumpkin Self-Portrait
The Pumpkin Snake Movie
The Pumpkin That is Eating An Arm
The Punkin - Punk Rock Pumpkin
The Pusher Pumpkin
The Quarantined Pumpkin
The Radioactive Pumpkin
The Rasta Pumpkin - Uses Twizzlers
The Richard Nixon Pumpkin
The Richard Prior Pumpkin
The Rotten Face Pumpkin
The Samurai Pumpkin
The Scream Pumpkin (The Painting)
The Sea Turtle Pumpkin
The Skateboarding Pumpkin
The Skeleton Gang
The Skewer Teeth Pumpking
The Skull On Fire Pumpkin
The Skull With Decaying Flesh Pumpkin
The Skull-A-Day Pumpkin
The Small Block Pumpkin
The Sneezy Pumpkins
The Spiral Sliced Pumpkin
The SpongeBob Pumpkin
The Square Peg Pumpkin
The Squirrel Eating A Pumpkin
The Stabbed Hillbilly Pumpkin
The Starbucks Pumpkin
The Startled Parent Pumpkin
The Stay Puff Marshmallow Man
The Steaming Mad Pumpkin
The Steampunk Angler Fish Pumpkin
The Steamroller Pumpkin
The Stolen Kidney Pumpkin
The Storage Locker Pumpkin
The Strangled Pumpkin
The Strapped To A Board Pumpkin
The Strep Throat Pumpkin
The Sucker Punch Pumpkin
The Suicidal Pumpkin
The Suicide Pumpkin
The Surprise Pumpkin
The Swine Flu Pumpkin
The Teddy Bear Pumpkin
The Territorial Pumpkin on my Lawn
The Toilet Pumpkin
The Traffic Pumpkin - Lit up brightly
The Traffic Pumpkin - Stage 1
The Trash Can Kid
The Triple Cannibal Pumpkin
The Twizzler Werewolf
The Un-Pumpkin
The Vampire Snail Pumpkin
The Walking Dead Pumpkin
The Warty Witch Pumpkin
The Wilson Pumpkin
The Witch Pumpkin
The World Trade Center Disaster Pumpkin
The World's Fastest Pumpkin Carver
The Worm Infested Pumpkin
The Yoda Pumpkin
The Zombie Pumpkin Carving
Their Scooper vs. Ours
Thermite Pumpkin
Thermite Pumpkin - Done
They Eat Their Own
Third Step
This Bag Is Not A Toy
This Gourd Looks Especially Gruesome
This is Barb (single)
This is Gabby (single)
This is Jackie (single)
This is Matt (single)
This Is Pumpkin Head - He Carves Giant Pumpkins
This is Teon (single)
This is What Ghost Pumpkins Should Look Like
This Isn't Yoda, But I Don't Know Who It Is.
This pattern would not work.
This Pumpkin Eats Other Pumpkins By The Handful
This Pumpkin Is Being Attacked By Spiders
This Pumpkin Is Giving Birth
This Skull Looks Great - Almost Like Sand
This Year's Best Mooning Pumpkin
This Year's Bill Murray Pumpkin
This Year's Coolest Pumpkin Skull
This Year's Michael Jackson Pumpkin
This Year's Random Celebrity Pumpkin - John Candy
Three Cool Pumpkins With Accessories
Throwing The Toolbox At It
Tiger King Pumpkin
Time to Start Carving
Tin Man Pumkins
Tom (married)
Tools for Terror - My Attempt at Being Funny About What Tools To Use
Toothpicks for Teeth Pumpkin
Totem, Tired Kid, Truck
Traffic Concept
Traffic Pumpkin - Side View
Transfering A Stencil
Trash Can Costume - Candy Trap
Troll Pumpkin
Trucker Lady - Take 2
Trucker's Lady Pumpkin
Trumpkin: The President We Got
Trumpkin: The President We Wanted
Twin Zombie Pumpkins
Umbilical Cord Design
Using Dry-Erase Markers For Designing
Venus Flytrap Pumpkin Sculpture
Very Moldy
Visiting Hours
Walk The Plank
We tried to squash it. It didn't work.
Weird Pumpkin Stuff
Welding Pumpkin
What a regular person would use. Why you shouldn't.
What the tranferred stencil looks like
What tools don't work well.
What tools work best?
When Large Pumpkins Find a Hammer
Where Do I Buy These Exotic Materials?
White Disco Skull
Who Is This Guy?
Wild Bore Pumpkin
Witch Pumpkin
Wizard Pumpkin
World Records
Worm Infested Pumpkin - Take 2
Worms and Chef Boyardee
Yoda Pumpkin
Yoda Pumpkin
You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Kid.
Yuka.. Euchrelady... Ukalaylay... Errr. Guitar Pumpkin
Zombies Escaping This Pumpkin
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