Logo Pumpkin - Quirk Packaging

Logo Pumpkin - Quirk Packaging
Here is a logo pumpkin that I did for a company that packaged my first two books. Before I created a book I had no idea what a book packager is, so I'll explain it in case you have never heard the term.

A book packager can take a bunch of napkins and turn them into a brilliant manuscript. If you have never written a book, but you are already notorious or famous, you are assigned one. A book packager makes people who aren't smart look intelligent. At the ground level they are a team of writers and editors crammed into a small room in Brooklyn. They toil away at their IKEA desks within smelling distance of one another and pound out the 45 hour weeks for dopes like me. If you get assigned to a book packager, listen to them, they aren't bold or difficult, if they were they wouldn't write for other people. So they will speak softly. You should listen to what they softly say.

Then, after you sell a couple of hundred thousand books, you probably should carve them a fake pumpkin with their logo on it. Then you should walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and bring it to them on sunny October day and everything will be great.

Thanks Quirk Packaging!
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