Matt does something almost dumb

Matt does something almost dumb
Hey everyone, if you have been reading this website you probably are familiar with my drinking buddy Matt. Matt probably appears on the site more than I do. It doesn't hurt that he lives one block away from me and is foolish enough to do some strange stuff. Matt is especially fond of fire.

In this clip Teon (another friend) is amazed at how cool to the touch the kerosene pumpkin is. Even though it has been burning for 20 minutes it is still quite cold. Matt decides that the best way to demonstrate the low temperature of this pumpkin shell is to place it on top of his head and do a dance.

It is no wonder that Matt is leading the single person's category of the Love Letter Derby.

I borrowed the video equipment for this video from work. I run Here is the official company video. It is sort of straight-forward. It isn't a great video, but I am proud of the work we do.

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