No Prize for This One

No Prize for This One
About 57 people sent in this photo but no one can claim it as their own. If you can show me a photo of yourself standing next to it, I will send you a prize.

To improve on a good thing, I have picked out a pumpkin that has the perfect butt crack shape. Look for it to appear in the photo gallery.

Oh Yeah, this is not just a butt pumpkin, it is an homage to one of the earliest internet pranks. Someone, long ago created a website at the address "goat" + "se" + ".cx" (you can try it at your own risk). The picture is unbelievable grotesque and perverted. Anyway, this person became famous as a link that pranksters would use to send people to for a laugh. Again, it is really disgusting so don't go there.

Apparently, the goatsy website is one of the most linked-to websites on the net. A bunch of people are in on the joke as terrible as it is.

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