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Here is my (current) favorite Extreme Pumpkins video. I risk my life by putting a flaming pumpkin on top of my head and running around my yard. It may take a moment to load.
Below are some pumpkin carving videos and other jibber-jabber that I have done lately. A couple of years back, I invested in some video equipment to create product videos for my company (That link opens a new window.) I use that equipment to shoot these shorts. You could do me and yourself a favor and buy your significant other a nice gift. Order it now and the next time you end up sleeping on the couch you can play the "honey I bought you a surprise" card.

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When I am not carving pumpkins, I run a bulletproof vest company. BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests are the value leader in body armor. We are very popular with people like armored car operators and ATM repairmen.