Press Contact

Press Contact
Looking for a professional pumpkin carver? You have found one. My name is Tom and I might just be the world's most famous pumpkin carver. I created this pumpkin carving website a few years ago and it has been nothing but fun ever since. Every day I get fan mail from people all over the world that really enjoy the pumpkin pictures and pumpkin carving ideas. It is a great feeling.

Each Halloween, I get asked to carve pumpkins on TV, in magazines, or for newspapers. I also do some radio interviews. This is a HUGE treat for me. I enjoy the process and I really put a lot of thought into the presentation I will give your audience. I have a high-octane approach to Halloween that your viewers and listeners will love. I always have fun getting into the halloween spirit and showing people something they have never seen before.

I try my best to keep my pumpkin carving schedule open during the two weeks leading up to halloween. In the past, this has paid off by allowing me to be on Conan (twice), Regis and Kelly (twice), Good Morning America (three times!), The Today Show, Queen Latifah, MTV and the History and Travel Channels. This year I am ready again with a book to promote and free pumpkin patterns on this website to support your broadcast.

If you know anyone that works in the media, please click on the "Circus Poster" that I created about my schtick. Perhaps you can show it to one of the show's producers?

Don't worry if you aren't Jay Leno's executive producer, if you are from any show or publication, and you need an expert pumpkin carver or halloween guest, please feel free to contact me. Each year I do anywhere between 30 and 50 interviews and it is no sweat at all. It is really quite fun. Call or send me an e-mail (the address is on the image above). I even have some great images and some OK B-roll footage that you can use.

I have now three halloween and pumpkin carving books published, and they are in all of the book stores, so I have something to promote as well. This year, I even have a small travel budget to promote the books. I hope that if you are writing about pumpkin carving or fun halloween ideas, you will let me know.

Thanks for reading.

Tom Nardone
tom (at)

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When I am not carving pumpkins, I run The World's Most Private Company and The World's Most Private Store. I also found success as the founder of BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests. My most important work though is raising my three kids and trying my best not be a terrible husband. I have a fun life.