The Puking Pumpkin

The Puking Pumpkin
Personally, I don't remember halloween being a holiday where you vomitted. That may be selective memory. I guess the combination of excitement, tons of candy, and physical activity results in a number of kids hurling.

Also, Halloween has become a great drinking holiday. Adults get dressed up in strange ways that reveal way too much about their personalities. They all get drunk enough that they can blame any lack of social grace on the alcohol. Again, the result is the same. Puke.

Personally, I won't forgive someone's bad choice in costume. They chose that costume when they were sober. So, if you see your boss dressed up like a catholic school girl, there is something going on. Especially if your boss is a dude.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my lastest puking pumpkin. I shot a really nice quality photo in our photo studio so that the magazines and newspapers could have a nice photo to use in print. If you want to use it, read on...
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