Pumpkin Carving Contest

Did you carve a great pumpkin last year? Have a photo of it? Why not submit photos of your own design for prizes? We'll reward everyone who's photo we use and we use quite a few. So send them in now. The prizes range from crappy to really crappy, but it is worth a laugh.

Try to pick the best photo and send only that one. Just one is great. No need to send me 100 views of the same pumpkin. Thanks.

You can also snail-mail them in:
Extreme Pumpkins.com
352 Oliver Dr.
Troy MI 48084

or e-mail them to me at:
pumpkins@priveco.com. (you can also click the e-mail button at the top of the page).

I usually publish the winners around October 1st. I like to get the season going with last year's winners. Submissions received after October 1st will go to next year's contest. We have a pumpkin carving contest every year.

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