My Pumpkin Carving Photos

Here are some of my favorite extreme pumpkin photos. I hope you like them. Each year I carve a couple of hundred pumpkins, mostly quick ones at public demonstrations. Just because a pumpkin carving is quick and easy doesn't mean that it won't look cool. So I've tried to post pictures of some of my personal favorites. Also, I use this page as a sort of pumpkin carving resume, so that if someone wants to hire me or have me on their TV show, they know that this is what I do best. I carve fun pumpkins, that use ingenious props, quickly and easily.

The Coolio PumpkinThe Foot Eater PumpkinThe Meat Head Platter
Stem Nose PumpkinMe on Discovery Channel CanadaLogo Pumpkin - Modern Marvels
A Well Done PumpkinDarth Vader HelmetA Pumpkin Carving With Pig's Ears and Parsnips
A Pumpkin Puking GuacamoleThe Mullet PumpkinThe Skewer Teeth Pumpking
Easy - Make A Mummy Pumpkin With Toilet PaperA Gourd SnakeTaxidermy Tongue and Wooden Tooth
The Pumpkin MillipedeThe MumpkinThe Kid Grabber Pumpkin
People Who Have Never Seen A Pumpkin BeforeDarth Vader Helmet Pumpkin #2Some Carving Ready To Be Installed at GMA
Don't Show Up To My Party Without A CostumeLogo Pumpkin - Quirk PackagingLogo Pumpkin - Sharp Entertainment
My Tool Holder PumpkinA Monster With Four Candy EyesA Really Good Skull Pumpkin
The Worm Infested PumpkinThe Puking PumpkinDrowning In A Bag - Creepy
Trucker's Lady PumpkinMooning PumpkinFlaming Head
Gunshot Wound PhotoThe Finished Flame Job PumpkinCarrie - With Pumping Blood
Hooked FishCojoined Twins PumpkinsBloody Brains Pumpkin
The Traffic Pumpkin - Lit up brightlyThe Flat Black Pumpkin Looked EvilAxe to The Head Pumpkin
Freedom of Speech PumpkinElectrocution PumpkinThe Radioactive Pumpkin
Brains Pumpkin #2Pimple Faced Booger EaterThis Bag Is Not A Toy
My 15 miliseconds of fameCold Beer Pumpkin by GregMichael Jackson Pumpkin from Fark
My latest cannibal pumpkinSimplified Carrie PumpkinOld and Crusty Siamese Twins Pumpkin
Devil Pumpkin - With Pepper TongueDrowning In A BagThe Head on Fire Pumpkin - Remake of a Classic
The Mooning PumpkinRoad Kill PumpkinPuking Pumpkin Version 832
The Punkin - Punk Rock PumpkinRadioactive  Pumpkin - Take 2Skull Pumpkin
The Territorial Pumpkin on my LawnTrucker Lady - Take 2Worm Infested Pumpkin - Take 2
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