Leftovers From My Books

Leftovers From My Books
I am really proud of my two books. I hope you will take a look at them, they should be on the shelf of your local bookstore. I am almost certain that you will not only like them, but will find them useful every year at halloween time. They have some fun and funny stuff ideas in them.

Not everything that I wrote made it into the books. Some pieces just wouldn't fit. I vowed that I would try to save them. If you like the pieces I have included here, you will really like the books because these are the rejected parts.

If you hate the stuff here, you should also buy the books because the books don't not include that stuff. Ha ha. Actually, if you hate this stuff, you will definitely hate the book, so don't bother.

Here you go, rejects from the books Extreme Pumpkins and Extreme Pumpkins II.

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